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News of Juni 02, 2011

Best LOD Paper Award∂ESWC2011

Günter Ladwig and Thanh Tran were presented with the Best Linked Open Data Paper Award at the 8th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2011) for their paper titled "SIHJoin: Querying Remote and Local Linked Data". In this publication, the researchers from Prof. Rudi Studer's group present a new join operator, called Symmetric Index Hash Join (SIHJoin), that is used to answer queries over the Web of Data. During Linked Data Query Processing many sources are retrieved by live lookups from the Web of Data and are used to answer SQL-like SPARQL queries. In order to deal with the new challenges with regard to the high number of relevant sources and network latency, the data is treated as streams, enabling early result reporting. Additionally, the SIHJoin operator is able to efficiently process locally stored data, which was not possible with previous approaches. This enables queries over local, private data that is linked to public, external data. In an evaluation, the authors show that the newly proposed join operator is able to answer queries up to two to three times faster than previous approaches.

From the research group Web Science