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News of Januar 08, 2021

Best Paper Award @ HICSS-54 for cii Research Group

(08.01.2021) The paper "Online at Will: A Novel Protocol for Mutual Authentication in Peer-to-Peer Networks for Patient-Centered Health Care Information Systems" by Imrana Abdullahi Yari, Tobias Dehling, Felix Kluge, Bjoern Eskofier und Ali Sunyaev has been awarded with the Best Paper Award at the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-54).

Abstract: Technological progress—including the development of online channels and universal access to the internet via mobile devices—has advanced both the quantity and the quality of data that companies can acquire. Private information such as this may be considered a type of fuel to be processed through the use of technologies, and represents a competitive market advantage. This article describes situations in which consumers tend to disclose personal information to companies and explores factors that encourage them to do so. The empirical studies and examples of market activities described herein illustrate to managers just how rewards work and how important contextual integrity is to customer digital privacy expectations. Companies' success in obtaining client data depends largely on three Ts: transparency, type of data, and trust. These three Ts—which, combined, constitute a main T (i.e., the transfer of personal data)—deserve attention when seeking customer information that can be converted to competitive advantage and market success.

Read the paper on ResearchGate

From the research group Critical Information Infrastructures