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News of März 17, 2020

Cii Research Group at the 15th International Business Informatics Congress

On March 9-11, 2020, the Cii research group of Prof. Ali Sunyaev presented a paper at the 15th International Business Informatics Congress in Potsdam.

More than 400 scientists, practitioners, and students took part in the largest German-language conference on Information Systems. The student paper “Challenges of Vehicle-to-Everything Communication. Interviews among Industry Experts” was the continuation of a seminar paper of the lecture “Critical Information Infrastructure” and was presented by Maximilian Renner.

Download the paper:

Besides, the “Digital Health” section of the “Gesellschaft für Informatik” (GI) met for its annual meeting at the WI2020. With Prof. Ali Sunyaev being the chairman of the steering committee, the expert group is intended to serve as an exchange platform for the stakeholders in the field of digital health. Researchers, practitioners, and political decision-makers will thus be offered a platform for the exchange of research work and practical issues.



From the research group Critical Information Infrastructures