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News of März 04, 2020

Hands-On: Experience "Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology" in Our New Seminar

The team around Prof. Dr. Ali Sunyaev offers students in the coming semester the chance to practically experience topics in the field of "Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology" in a new seminar.

For this purpose, various socially and technically relevant topics were prepared (e.g. property management), which can be worked out jointly by students within the scope of a programming project.

This is part of the research group's strategy, which aims to diversify the range of available learning methods. "Genuine understanding emerges in a personal process. An intensive, individual engagement with problems offers an optimal breeding ground for this", says Prof. Sunyaev. Further implementations of this strategy are to follow in the following semesters with innovative course concepts and learning offerings.

The present course is aimed at students in bachelor and master studies. Further information, as well as registration, can be found at and A total of 18 places will be allocated; the registration deadline is 30 March.

From the research group Critical Information Infrastructures