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News of Januar 07, 2020

"AUDITOR" will be further developed into a European data protection certification

Prof. Dr. Ali Sunyaev has headed the research project "AUDITOR" (European Cloud Service Data Protection Certification) since 2017. In the first project phase (2017-2019), the project team developed a conceptual design, exemplary implementation, and tested the sustainable and applicable national data protection certification of cloud services. However, since cloud services are offered on a cross-border basis, national certification procedures only offer limited benefits. Cloud providers would have to undergo a national certification procedure in each of the EU member states in which they operate if they wanted to have the GDPR conformity of their service confirmed by a certificate. In the second project phase (November 2019 to October 2021), the focus is therefore on the recognition of the AUDITOR certification procedure as a European certificate by the European Data Protection Committee.

"The AUDITOR project has already enjoyed much attention at the national level and in our international activities, such as a workshop in Brussels. We are looking forward to raising the results so far to the European level in the next project phase. The second phase includes the adaptation of the certification procedure as well as the further development of DIN-SPEC into a European Standard. Data protection certifications such as these are an important component of the future development of the cloud market and ensure that the GDPR can develop its full potential at the European level," reports Prof. Dr. Ali Sunyaev.

The AUDITOR research project is the follow-up project to the Trusted Cloud Privacy Profile for Cloud Services (TCDP). The project, with a total volume of 3.4 million euros, now has a term of four years, was officially launched on 11/01/2017, and was extended by two years on 11/01/2019. A project meeting to present the results of the first project phase was already held on the KIT Campus in Karlsruhe on 09/23/2019 with a large participation of all project partners, the DLR project management organization (represented by Dr. Regine Gernert) and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (represented by Dr. Alexander Tettenborn) (see photo).

Official press release:

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From the research group Critical Information Infrastructures