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News of März 05, 2019

Special Interest Group ‘Digital Health’ Founded

The interdisciplinary special interest group Digital Health will examine current issues relating to the use of IT in healthcare and medicine from a variety of perspectives.

The special interest group is to serve as an communication platform for stakeholders in the field of digital health. "The goal is to offer researchers, practitioners and policymakers a central point of contact for the exchange and consolidation of research work and practical issues," explains Dr. Schlieter, one of the initiators and deputy spokesperson.

The designated spokesperson Prof. Sunyaev also emphasizes "that the topical range of the special interest group is holistic - whether personalized medicine, hospital information systems or IT in sports science; whether from an economic or an informatics perspective - all questions concerning the use of IT in healthcare or medicine are welcome. Irrespective of its disciplinary home in the fields of computer science, business informatics or medical informatics, the group would like to appeal to a broad audience and invite them to participate.

The entire initiation team of the special interest group Digital Health, headed by Prof. Breitschwerdt, Dr. Schlieter, Prof. Sedlmayr and Prof. Sunyaev, is looking forward to the participation of interested colleagues from all areas of computer science and beyond. Prof. Ali Sunyaev will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Prof. Ali Sunyaev
Email: sunyaev∂kit edu

Press release of the German Informatics Society (GI)

From the research group Critical Information Infrastructures