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Hey, I'm Melih!
I studied mechanical engineering (MA) between 2012-2015 at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). After completing my studies, I joined ITK Engineering GmbH, where I worked for six years. However, I recently decided to return to academia, and in 2023, I joined the FZI Research Center for Information Technology in Karlsruhe. My current research interests revolve around sensor fusion for connected automated driving, specifically on automated vehicles and intelligent traffic infrastructure. By integrating data from various sensors, such as cameras, LiDAR, radar, and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, I seek to enhance perception and decision-making capabilities in autonomous vehicles. Additionally, I am particularly interested in exploring the fusion of sensor data with intelligent traffic infrastructure, which includes traffic lights, road signs, and communication systems. Combining this infrastructure data with onboard sensor data will create a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the vehicle's environment.

Open Bachelor/Master Theses and Hiwi Positions

  • [Hiwi] | Studentische Hilfskraft für Recherchen zum Stand der Technik im Bereich des kooperativen Fahrens und der Perzeption
  • [Hiwi] | Studentische oder wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft zum Simulationsaufbau in Carla mit ROS für kooperative Perzeption (V2X)
  • [Thesis] | Entwicklung eines angepassten KI-Modells zur Verarbeitung von verdeckten Bereichspositionen für kooperative Wahrnehmungssysteme zwischen Fahrzeugen und Infrastruktur
  • [Thesis] | Student*in im Rahmen einer Masterarbeit zum Thema 3D Objekterkennung und Verfolgung mit Infrastrukturkameras

  • Forschungsgebiete