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Linked-Data-Cubes woName.png

Linked Data Cubes: Integration and Analysis of Distributed Statistics with Linked Data

Contact: Benedikt Kämpgen

Project Status: completed
Project: Software Campus

Involved Persons
Benedikt Kämpgen, Rudi Studer


from: 1 Januar 2013
until: 31 Dezember 2014
Funding: BMBF



Research Group

Web Science

Area of Research

Business Intelligence

Publications Belonging to the Project
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 - incollection
 - booklet
 - proceedings
 - phdthesis
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Benedikt Kämpgen, Andreas Harth
OLAP4LD - A Framework for Building Analysis Applications over Governmental Statistics
ESWC 2014 Posters & Demo session, Springer, Mai, 2014

Benedikt Kämpgen, Steffen Stadtmüller, Andreas Harth
Querying the Global Cube: Integration of Multidimensional Datasets from the Web
EKAW 2014, pages: 250-265, Springer International Publishing, Sweden

Benedikt Kämpgen, Andreas Harth
No Size Fits All – Running the Star Schema Benchmark with SPARQL and RDF Aggregate Views
ESWC 2013, LNCS 7882, pages: 290-304, Springer, Heidelberg, Mai, 2013

Benedikt Kämpgen, Tobias Weller, Sean O'Riain, Craig Weber, Andreas Harth
Accepting the XBRL Challenge with Linked Data for Financial Data Integration
ESWC 2014 In-Use Track, Springer, Mai, 2014

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Benedikt Kämpgen, Richard Cyganiak
Use Cases and Lessons for the Data Cube Vocabulary
W3C Working Group Note, August, 2013

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