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Publications by Jorge Gonzalez


Sudhir Agarwal, Jorge Gonzalez, Jens Hartmann, Solivia Hollfelder, Anthony Jameson, Stefan Klink, Michael Ley, Emma Rabbidge, Eric Schwarzkopf, Nitesh Shrestha, Nenad Stojanovic, Rudi Studer, Gerd Stumme, Bernd Walter, Alexander Weber, Patrick Lehti, Peter Fankhauser
Semantic Methods and Tools for Information Portals
Informatik03 - Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik, pages: 116-131September, 2003

Nenad Stojanovic, Jorge Gonzalez, Ljiljana Stojanovic
ONTOLOGER - a System for Usage-driven Management of Ontology-based Information Portals
KCAP 2003, pages: 172-179, ACM, Oktober, 2003

Nenad Stojanovic, Jens Hartmann, Jorge Gonzalez
OntoManager - a system for usage-based ontology management
Proceedings of FGML Workshop. Special Interest Group of German Information Society (FGML - Fachgruppe Maschinelles Lernen der GI e.V.)

Daniel Oberle, Bettina Berendt, Andreas Hotho, Jorge Gonzalez
Conceptual User Tracking
In Ernestina Menasalvas Ruiz and Javier Segovia and Piotr S. Szczepaniak, Advances in Web Intelligence, First International Atlantic Web Intelligence Conference, AWIC 2003, Madrid, Spain, May 5-6, 2003, Proceedings, pages: 142-154, Springer, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, 2663

Ljiljana Stojanovic, Nenad Stojanovic, Jorge Gonzalez, Rudi Studer
OntoManager - a system for the usage-based ontology management
ODBASE 2003, pages: 858-875, Springer, 2888, Dezember, 2003

Nenad Stojanovic, Ljiljana Stojanovic, Jorge Gonzalez
More efficient searching in a knowledge portal - an approach based on the analysis of users queries
Fourth International Conference on Practical Aspects of Knowledge Management (PAKM 2002), Vienna, pages: 310-316, Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Jorge Gonzalez, Gerd Stumme
Semantic Methods and Tools for Information Portals -- The SemIPort Project
In B. Berendt, A. Hotho, G. Stumme (eds.), Semantic Web Mining. Proc. of the Semantic Web Mining Workshop of the 13th Europ. Conf. on Machine Learning (ECML'02) / 6th Europ. Conf. on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (PKDD'02), Helsinki, August 19, 2002

Nenad Stojanovic, Ljiljana Stojanovic, Jorge Gonzalez
On Enhancing Searching for Information in an Information Portal by Tracking Users' Activities
First International Workshop on Mining for Enhanced Web Search (MEWS 2002) held in conjunction with 3rd International Conference on Web Information System Engineering WISE 2002, Singapore, 2002, pages: 246-255, IEEE Press

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