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InterLogGrid - Intermodal Logistics and IT-Services on the Grid

Contact: Sudhir Agarwal

Project Status: completed


The project InterLogGrid is funded by the BMBF (German Ministry for Education and Research) in the context of “Logistik-Community in D-Grid” (Logistic Community in D-Grid) initiative. Aim of the project is to develop D-Grid technologies for logistic companies for better support in planning and disposition decisions in the inter modal logistics.
To achieve this, inter modal logistic systems and their logistic processes are represented in a logistics grid as well as the existing D-Grid infrastructure is used as a scalable system for distributed storage and usage of data.
Furthermore, computational intensive logistic services on top of the data are offered by the service providers.
The main contribution of the project is the provision of the an easily extensible logistics layer for the grid, that contains the semantics of the basic semantics of logistics as a set of grid services as well as model components and functions. In the scope of the project, (1) grid services along inter modal logistics chains of air, road and rail carriers will be developed, (2) these services will be provided to end customers in an easy and cost effective way via a platform and (3) the usage of grid services and the business model of service providers will evaluated in two scenarios from the logistic region Halle/Leipzig and Stuttgart.

Involved Persons
Stephan Bloehdorn, Sudhir Agarwal, Martin Junghans, Julia Hoxha, Rudi Studer


from: 1 Juli 2009
until: 30 Juni 2012
Funding: BMBF


Universität LeipzigUniversität HohenheimFlughafen Leipzig/Halle GmbHFlughafen Stuttgart GmbHInstitut für Industrielle Softwaretechniken e. V.Jesselle GmbHPSI Logistics GmbHSALT Solutions GmbHAHP GmbH & Co. KG

Research Group

Web Science

Publications Belonging to the Project
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Sudhir Agarwal
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