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Usage Mining for and on the Semantic Web

Usage Mining for and on the Semantic Web

Published: 2002

Buchtitel: Next Generation Data Mining. Proc. NSF Workshop, Baltimore, Nov. 2002
Seiten: 77-86

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Semantic Web Mining aims at combining the two fast-developing research areas Semantic Web and Web Mining. Web Mining aims at discovering insights about the meaning of Web resources and their usage. Given the primarily syntactical nature of data Web mining operates on, the discovery of meaning is impossible based on these data only. Therefore, formalizations of the semantics of Web resources and navigation behavior are increasingly being used. This fits exactly with the aims of the Semantic Web: the Semantic Web enriches the WWW by machine-processable information which supports the user in his tasks. In this paper, we discuss the interplay of the Semantic Web with Web Mining, with a specific focus on usage mining.

Download: Media:2002_97_Stumme_Usage_Mining_fo_1.pdf






Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining, Semantic Web