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On Enhancing Searching for Information in an Information Portal by Tracking Users' Activities

On Enhancing Searching for Information in an Information Portal by Tracking Users' Activities

Published: 2002

Buchtitel: First International Workshop on Mining for Enhanced Web Search (MEWS 2002) held in conjunction with 3rd International Conference on Web Information System Engineering WISE 2002, Singapore, 2002
Seiten: 246-255
Verlag: IEEE Press

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Although some of the existing approaches for enhancing searching for information in an information portal account for some aspects of users' behaviour in the portal, a more systematic treatment of this issue is needed, foremost the role of the content and the structure of a portal on the analysis of usage information. In this paper, we first present the analysis of the factors which the efficient searching depends on and based on it, we propose the conceptual architecture of the management component for an information portal. We assume that the information portal is built around a common taxonomy (in our case an ontology), which is an emerging trend in knowledge management applications we are particularly intereseted in. The management component ensures that searching for information will include all factors which determine the relevance of an information resource, enabling the top-ranking of the highly relevant information resources. The approach is mainly based on tracking users' interactions with the portal. We have applied the approach in the information portal of our Institute and an evaluation study is presented.