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On Modelling an e-shop Application on the Knowledge Level

On Modelling an e-shop Application on the Knowledge Level

Published: 2004 Juli

Buchtitel: Software Engineering Knowledge Engineering, SEKE '04
Seiten: 244-265

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In this paper we present an approach that models the behaviour of an on-line shop assistant on the knowledge level, i.e. it takes into account not only which actions (questions) a shop assistant will perform, but also which goals he wants to achieve by taking an action. As a generic reasoning pattern of such an e-shop agent we use the cover-and-differentiate problem-solving method, a method very successfully applied in various diagnosis and classification tasks. In that way, we can (i) model the question-answering process such that the minimal set of useful questions will be provided to a user, (ii) easily reinterpret and fine-tune shopping strategies that exist in other e-shop portals and (iii) design and integrate new methods into generic reasoning pattern. We present an evaluation study which illustrates these benefits.






Electronic Commerce, Ontologiemodellierung, Semantic Web