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Ontologies and the Configurations of Problem-Solving Methods

Ontologies and the Configurations of Problem-Solving Methods

Published: 1996

Buchtitel: Proceedings of the 10th Knowledge Acquisition for Knowledge-Based Systems Workshop (KAW'96), Banff, Canada, November 9 - 14, 1996

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Problem-solving methods model the problem-solving behavior of knowledge-based systems. The PROTÉGÉ-II framework includes a library of problem-solving methods that can be viewed as reusable components. For developers to use these components as building blocks in the construction of methods for new tasks, they must configure the components to fit with each other and with the needs of the new task. As part of this configuration process, developers must relate the ontologies of the generic methods to the ontologies associated with other methods and submethods. We present a model of method configuration that incorporates the use of several ontologies in multiple levels of methods and submethods, and we illustrate the approach by providing examples of the configuration of the board-game method.