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Implementation of Quality Information Systems for E-Learning Applications

Implementation of Quality Information Systems for E-Learning Applications

Published: 2002
Herausgeber: Michael Auer, Ursula Auer
Buchtitel: Proceedings of ICL 2002 - Blended Learning. Villach/Österreich, 25.-27.09.2002
Verlag: Kassel University Press

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Quality information systems (QIS) are providing all the quality-relevant information during the whole life cycle of a product to all the people involved. With regard to e-learning applications this means that a QIS should provide quality-relevant information to the authors of e-learning materials as well as to the instructors and the learners using them. In this work it is described how such a QIS can be implemented in the context of e-learning applications. In this connection a prototypic system design and strategies for the integration of a QIS into the information system infrastructure of e-learning providers are presented.




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E-Learning, Datenbanksysteme