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A Contextual-Logic Extension of TOSCANA

A Contextual-Logic Extension of TOSCANA

Published: 2000
Herausgeber: B. Ganter, G. W. Mineau
Buchtitel: Conceptual Structures: Logical, Linguistic, and Computational Issues. Proc. ICCS '00
Seiten: 453-467
Verlag: Springer, Heidelberg

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The aim of this paper is to indicate how TOSCANA may be extended to allow graphical representations not only of concept lat- tices but also of concept graphs in the sense of Contextual Logic. The contextual-logic extension of TOSCANA requires the logical scaling of conceptual and relational scales for which we propose the Peircean Al- gebraic Logic as reconstructed by R. W. Burch. As graphical represen- tations we recommend, besides labelled line diagrams of concept lattices and Sowa's diagrams of conceptual graphs, particular information maps for utilizing background knowledge as much as possible. Our considera- tions are illustrated by a small information system about the domestic in Austria.