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Knowledge Graph enabled Curation and Exploration of Nuremberg’s City Heritage

Knowledge Graph enabled Curation and Exploration of Nuremberg’s City Heritage

Published: 2021

Buchtitel: In Proc. of the Conference on Digital Curation Technologies 2021 (Qurator 2021)
Verlag: CEUR

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An important part in European cultural identity relies on European cities and in particular on their histories and cultural heritage. Nuremberg, the home of important artists such as Albrecht Dürer and Hans Sachs developed into the epitome of German and European culture already during the Middle Ages. Throughout history, the city experienced a number of transformations, especially with its almost complete destruction during World War 2. This position paper presents TRANSRAZ, a project with the goal to recreate Nuremberg by means of an interactive 3D tool to explore the city’s architecture and culture ranging from the 17th to the 21st century. The goal of this position paper is to discuss the ongoing work of connecting heterogeneous historical data from various sources previously hidden in archives to the 3D model using knowledge graphs for a scientifically accurate interactive exploration on the Web.

Download: Media:2021 - Knowledge Graph enabled Curation and Exploration of Nuremberg's City Heritage.pdf


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