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Influential Factors on IS Project Quality: A Total Quality Management Perspective

Influential Factors on IS Project Quality: A Total Quality Management Perspective

Published: 2015

Buchtitel: Proceedings of 36th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS)
Verlag: AIS

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Successful accomplishment of information system (IS) projects is a crucial challenge for researchers and practitioners. Agreement on influential factors, that is, success and failure factors, and on what constitutes success is lacking. Considering process and product quality an integral part of IS project success, we examine how project success and failure factors influence IS project quality. We conducted semi-structured interviews with 19 practitioners involved in IS projects and strategic decision making. This research-in-progress is based on total quality management (TQM), which facilitates continuous improvement of IS project quality. By applying an influential factor framework, we allow for a more detailed examination of success and failure factors not addressed in TQM. Our results suggest quality-specific themes, while acknowledging their context-dependency. By examining IS project quality and applying the influential factor framework, we expect to equip researchers and practitioners with an approach to examine specific dimensions of IS project success in detail.


Critical Information Infrastructures