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Semantic RESTful APIs for Dynamic Data Sources

Semantic RESTful APIs for Dynamic Data Sources

Published: 2014

Buchtitel: Proceedings of the ESWC 2014 Workshop on Services and Applications over Linked APIs and Data
Verlag: CEUR-WS

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The amount of available highly dynamic data sources on the Web is constantly increasing. Such dynamic data sources usually require client applications to be capable to process continuous data streams. We present an approach that enables dynamic data sources to be exposed with RESTful APIs. The use of REST implies that individual resources are exposed, which enables clients to interact in a more fine-grained manner with the data source compared to the processing of a data stream. Furthermore the use of Linked Data resources allows for the direct integration with other data sources. We demonstrate the practical applicability of our approach based on a proof-of-concept implementation of a RESTful API that exposes video sensor data and evaluate the feasibility of a RESTful communication pattern.

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