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Towards Data-driven Programming for RESTful Linked Data

Towards Data-driven Programming for RESTful Linked Data

Published: 2012

Buchtitel: Proceedings of the ISWC 2012 workshop on Programming the Semantic Web
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Applications are increasingly focused on the use and manipulation of data resources distributed on the web. Consequently REST gains popularity with its resource-centric interaction architecture and flexibility enabled by hypermedia controls, i.e., links between resources. The natural extension of Linked Data with RESTful resource manipulation possibilities can bring advantages that can be leveraged to facilitate declarative composition of functionality that is currently typically achieved with imperative programming (e.g., the creation of mashups). We propose a lightweight declarative rule language with state transition systems as formal grounding that enables the development of data-driven applications build upon the RESTful manipulation of Linked Data resources. We address the problem of developing a scalable programming framework for Linked Data resources that retains the advantages of the loose coupling fostered by REST.

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