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Stay real!: XCS with rule combining for real values

Stay real!: XCS with rule combining for real values

Published: 2012 Juli

Buchtitel: Proceedings of the fourteenth international conference on Genetic and evolutionary computation conference companion
Seiten: 1493-1494
Verlag: ACM
Erscheinungsort: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Organisation: ACM

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This paper provides an extension of the rule combining (RC) technique in the Accuracy-based Learning Classifier System (XCS) to handle continuous-valued input. Previously implemented to cope with binaries, the suitability of the newly introduced algorithm is investigated in further tasks. Several experiments are run and the results are compared to previous work using the real-valued multiplexer problem. The comparison shows that by implementing the RC technique, real value XCS is capable of producing a compact population of rules through proper generalizations. Moreover, the learning rate of Real-value XCS-RC (RXCS-RC) is comparable or even superior, in some cases.

ISBN: 978-1-4503-1178-6
Weitere Informationen unter: Link
DOI Link: 10.1145/2330784.2331009


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