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An Interactive Pool of Exercises for Individual Learning Support in Academic Courses

An Interactive Pool of Exercises for Individual Learning Support in Academic Courses

Published: 2012

Buchtitel: Proceedings of the 2012 World Conference on Educational Media and Technology (EdMedia2012)
Seiten: 442-452
Verlag: AACE

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The use of multi-media and internet in academic courses steadily increased in the last two decades gaining improvements in teaching in various respects, and leading to the well-known fields of e-learning and blended learning. Especially large courses can benefit from new technologies which, however, require initial installation and permanent management effort. In this paper we present an e-learning approach called Interactive Pool of Exercises (IPE) which requires little effort to establish and manage. It is particularly well-suited (but not limited) to provide learning support for students in large courses. The IPE is built as a connection of a pool of course-related exercises and an online forum. Every exercise is bi-directionally linked to a corresponding thread in the forum. We present the technological background of the IPE and give installation recommendations, and we perform an evaluation of the students’ acceptance of the IPE as well as an analysis of the learning improvement.

Download: Media:Proceeding 40782.pdf

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