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Presentation given at conference: [[Media:Kaempgen_iswc11_dc_presentation_v3.pdf]]

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DC Proposal : Online Analytical Processing of Statistical Linked Data

DC Proposal : Online Analytical Processing of Statistical Linked Data

Published: 2011 Oktober
Herausgeber: Aroyo, Lora and Welty, Chris and Alani, Harith and Taylor, Jamie and Bernstein, Abraham and Kagal, Lalana and Noy, Natasha and Blomqvist, Eva
Buchtitel: The Semantic Web - ISWC 2011 - 10th International Semantic Web Conference
Ausgabe: 7032
Seiten: 301-308
Verlag: Springer Berlin / Heidelberg

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The amount of Linked Data containing statistics is increasing; and so is the need for concepts of consuming it. Yet there are challenges, e.g., heterogeneous ways to describe quality information, mathematical functions, and categorisation hierarchies. In order to automatically, flexibly, and scalable integrate statistical Linked Data for expressive analysis we propose to use Semantic Web ontologies to build and evolve a well-interlinked conceptual model of statistical data for Online Analytical Processing.

ISBN: 978-3-642-25092-7
Download: Media:Kaempgen iswc11 dc.pdf
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Presentation given at conference: Media:Kaempgen_iswc11_dc_presentation_v3.pdf