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Supply Chain Control building on Emergent Self-Organizing Effects

Supply Chain Control building on Emergent Self-Organizing Effects

Published: 2011 April
Herausgeber: Bundesverband für Materialwirtschaft (BME)
Buchtitel: Proceedings of the 4th academic symposium on Supply Management, Würzburg,
Seiten: 311-335
Verlag: Gabler Verlag
Erscheinungsort: Wiesbaden
Organisation: Bundesverband für Materialwirtschaft (BME)

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This paper sheds light on control mechanisms to improve and automate service quality respectively service portfolio management in platform ecosystems. Its focus is placed on e-service value networks as found in platforms such as the Apple App Store, Facebook, Salesforce or SAP ByD. The paper differentiates between direct and indirect control mechanisms and explains how they can be embedded within feedback controlled systems. Informative and Motivational Control mechanisms act on the macro level, indirectly influencing a whole system or subsystem towards a specific target. Sanctional and Restrictive Control in conjunction with Co-Regulative Control act on the micro level and directly influence specific services. Market Regulative Control indirectly influences specific services. The paper suggests and formalizes possible sequences to implement control mechanisms, allowing for optimizing and building on the platform ecosystem’s emergent characteristics.

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