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A Location-Aware Access Control Model For Mobile Workflow Systems

A Location-Aware Access Control Model For Mobile Workflow Systems

Published: 2008 Juli
Herausgeber: Jörg Roth and Jairo Gutiérrez
Buchtitel: Proceedings of the Conference on Wireless Applications and Computing
Seiten: 45-52
Erscheinungsort: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Workflow management systems (WfMS) are a special class of information systems (IS) that support the automated en-actment of business processes. Meanwhile there are WfMS which allow the execution of tasks using mobile computers like PDAs with the ability of wireless data transmission. However the employment of workflow systems as well as mo-bile technologies comes along with special security challenges. One way to tackle these challenges is the employment of so called access control models (ACM) to formulate statements concerning which user is allowed to perform which ac-tivities under which conditions. There are special ACM for mobile information systems (IS) as well as for WfMS but no one that addresses mobile as well as workflow specific aspects. In the article we therefore discuss specific constraints such a model should be able to express and introduce an appropriate ACM.




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M-Business, Mobile Technologien