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Towards Semantic Web Mining

Towards Semantic Web Mining

Published: 2002
Herausgeber: I. Horrocks and J. A. Hendler, editors
Buchtitel: The Semantic Web - ISWC 2002, First International Semantic Web Conference
Ausgabe: 2342
Reihe: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Seiten: 264-278

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Semantic Web Mining aims at combining the two fast-developing research areas Semantic Web and Web Mining.The idea is to improve,on the one hand,the results of Web Mining by exploiting the new semantic structures in the Web;and to make use of Web Mining,on the other hand,for building up the Semantic Web.This paper gives an overview of where the two areas meet today,and sketches ways of how a closer integration could be pro ?table.

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Text Mining, Ontologiemodellierung, Ontology Engineering, Ontology Learning, Data Mining, Datenbanksysteme, Semantic Web, Betriebliche Informationssysteme