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e-Skills and Standards - Prerequesites to Fully Exploit the Potential of ICT in Europe

e-Skills and Standards - Prerequesites to Fully Exploit the Potential of ICT in Europe

Published: 2008 Januar
Herausgeber: R. Kaschek et al.
Buchtitel: UNISCON 2008
Reihe: LNBIP 5
Seiten: 306-317
Verlag: Springer-Verlag
Erscheinungsort: Berlin Heidelberg

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The paper highlights the importance of platforms such as CEN and takes in particular focus on ongoing developments in the area of ICT skills. The authors look at current activities and some of the challenges ahead of ongoing standardisation endeavours in the field of ICT skills, qualification and training in Europe. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) today forms already an integral part of all industrial and service markets through the integration of ICT in goods or service offers. The availability of the right skills is beyond doubts one of the key success factors and important milestone on our way towards the knowledge-based economy. Knowledge, skills and competences are the cornerstone of Europe's competitiveness. ICT has always been subject to continuous advancement and change. Due to the explosion of innovations in ICT, the shortening technology life-cycles and newly emerging trends, ICT professionalism undergoes constant change and requires regular updating of acquired knowledge, skills and competences.

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