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Management of Interorganizational Business Processes on the Basis of Composition Rules

Management of Interorganizational Business Processes on the Basis of Composition Rules

Published: 2007 Oktober
Herausgeber: Horst Kremers
Buchtitel: Second International Symposium on Generalization of Information
Reihe: Lecture Note in Information Science
Seiten: 137-149
Erscheinungsort: Geneva (Carouge) Switzerland
Organisation: CODATA Germany

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Process modeling facilitates understanding and restructuring activities used to achieve business goals. The need for rapid deliveries of services to customers has fueled the integration of different business partners, into a single value creation chain. But, integration of interorganizational business processes in electronic markets is a difficult and time-consuming task. By using formal description languages such as Petri nets for modeling interorganizational business processes, purely syntactic integration problems of distributed business environments can be solved. In this paper we present syntactic and semantic rules, which have to be satisfied, in order to support holistic interconnectivity of interorganizational business processes.

ISBN: 978-3-00-022382-2
Download: Media:2007_1547_Koschmider_Management_of_I_1.pdf


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