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Specific Challenges For Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) in M-Business

Specific Challenges For Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) in M-Business

Published: 2006 August
Herausgeber: Joaquim Filipe and Thomas Greene
Buchtitel: Proceedings of the International Conference on E-Business (ICE-B 2006)
Seiten: 169-174
Verlag: INSTICC Press
Erscheinungsort: Setúbal, Portugal
Organisation: INSTICC

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It seems to be a widely accepted notion that Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) play an important economic and social role and often contribute to innovation. But at the present situation the development and operation of a service to be used with mobile and wireless terminals (mobile service) is not bearable for most of them due to technical reasons and the market structure. In this article we will discuss the SME-specific obstacles in m-business. We will also propose a technical framework as remedy for this situation.

ISBN: 978-972-8865-62-7
Download: Media:2006_1260_Decker_Specific_Challe_1.pdf


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