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An Infrastructure for Searching, Reusing and Evolving Distributed Ontologies

An Infrastructure for Searching, Reusing and Evolving Distributed Ontologies

Published: 2003

Buchtitel: WWW
Seiten: 439-448
Verlag: ACM

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The vision of the Semantic Web can only be realized through proliferation of well-known ontologies describing different domains. To enable interoperability in the Semantic Web, it will be necessary to break these ontologies down into smaller, well-focused units that may be reused. Currently, three problems arise in that scenario. Firstly, it is difficult to locate ontologies to be reused, thus leading to many ontologies modeling the same thing. Secondly, current tools do not provide means for reusing existing ontologies while building new ontologies. Finally, ontologies are rarely static, but are being adapted to changing requirements. Hence, an infrastructure for management of ontology changes, taking into account dependencies between ontologies is needed. In this paper we present such an infrastructure addressing the aforementioned problems.

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Informationssysteme, Ontologiemodellierung, Ontology Engineering