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RDFReactor -- From Ontologies to Programatic Data Access

RDFReactor -- From Ontologies to Programatic Data Access

Published: 2006 Mai

Buchtitel: Proc. of the Jena User Conference 2006
Verlag: Online
Organisation: HP Bristol

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Developers used to object oriented programming have to make a paradigm shift in order to produce and manage Semantic Web data, e. g. RDF. In this paper we describe the tool RDFReactor which transforms a given ontology in RDF Schema into a familiar, dynamic, object-oriented Java API – at the push of a button. Developers then are able to interact with java instances, thus allowing them to stay in their own world. The generated proxy objects contain no state and delegate all method calls to RDF model updates and queries. RDFReactor potentially turns every Java developer into a Semantic Web application developer and enables them to use RDF correctly, efficiently and effectively without even knowing it. It is downloadable (GNU LGPL) at http://

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