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ETALIS: Rule-Based Reasoning in Event Processing

Veröffentlicht: April 2011
Herausgeber: Sven Helmer, Alex Poulovassilis, Fatos Xhafa
Buchtitel: Reasoning in Event-Based Distributed Systems
Ausgabe: 347
Seiten: 99-124
Reihe: Studies in Computational Intelligence
Verlag: Springer

Complex Event Processing (CEP) is concerned with timely detection of complex events within multiple streams of atomic occurrences, and has useful applications in areas including financial services, mobile and sensor devices, click stream analysis and so forth. In this chapter, we present ETALIS Language for Events. It is an expressive language for specifying and combining complex events. For this language we provide both a syntax as well as a clear declarative formal semantics. The execution model of the language is based on a compilation strategy into Prolog. We provide an implementation of the language, and present experimental results of our running prototype. Further on, we show how our logic rule-based approach compares with a non-logic approach in respect of performance.

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