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On-To-Knowledge Methodology

Veröffentlicht: 2002
Herausgeber: J. Davies, D. Fensel, F. van Harmelen (eds.)
Buchtitel: On-To-Knowledge: Semantic Web enabled Knowledge Management
Seiten: 33-46
Verlag: Wiley

The On-To-Knowledge (OTK) project applies ontologies to electronically available information to improve the quality of knowledge management in large and distributed organizations. This enables sophisticated automatic support for acquiring, representing, and accessing information. Within OTK a methodology and tools for intelligent access to large volumes of semistructured and textual information sources in intra-, extra-, and internet-based environments are developed and applied in several case studies. The methodology provides guidelines for introducing knowledge management concepts and tools into enterprises, helping knowledge providers and seekers to present knowledge efficiently and effectively. The methodology includes the identification of goals that should be achieved by knowledge management tools and is based on an analysis of usage scenarios and different roles knowledge workers and other stakeholders play in organizations. We focus especially on application driven ontology development.






Wissensmanagementmethodik, Wissensmanagementsysteme, Ontologiemodellierung, Ontology Engineering, Semantic Web, Web Science, Ontologiebasierte Wissensmanagementsysteme