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Intelligent Information Services for Topic-Specific Web Portals

Contact: Michael Färber

Project Status: active


Obtaining relevant information quickly and specifically about technological and market developments is increasingly becoming a success factor for companies and their technology and innovation management (TIM). Especially the dynamic technological change combined with an exponentially growing flood of information presents companies with major challenges. From the user's point of view, three task complexes can be identified: (1) How can you familiarize yourself with a new subject area quickly and in a structured manner? (2) How can you quickly and specifically find more detailed information on a specific question? (3) How do you stay informed without a lot of effort? The information needs of the users are as individual as their areas of responsibility. An individualized information supply based on their information needs could significantly reduce the research effort required. The main goal of the research project is to develop functional digital services as building blocks of an information service-oriented architecture within the framework of an intelligent, i.e. individualized information supply that is enriched with machine learning (ML) methods. This should be implemented along the entire information supply process (formalize information requirements in search strategies - extract information - prepare and visualize information). This type of information service can then be integrated into web portals in order to reach users. In addition, the solution developed should enable the project partners to quickly and systematically set up topic-specific information services for new specialist topics. Using the example of “hydrogen technology in the context of the city”, such an intelligent information supply is prototypically built and integrated into the web portal

Involved Persons
Michael Färber, Kristian Noullet, Nicholas Popovic


from: 1 November 2021
until: 31 Oktober 2023
Funding: BMBF (KMU innovativ Verbundprojekt)



Research Group

Web Science

Area of Research

Knowledge Representation And Reasoning, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Discovery, Artificial Intelligence

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Michael Färber, Nicholas Popovic
Vocab-Expander: A System for Creating Domain-Specific Vocabularies Based on Word Embeddings
Proceedings of the International Conference on Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP'23), ACM

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