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GenAChange - Gender Audit and Change

Contact: Gunther Schiefer, Demian Frister, André Harendt

Project Status: active


The project aims at 1) setting up a detailed gender audit tool (GenAu) for the KIT Faculty of Economics (key figures, reports, and measurements), 2) analyzing typical drivers of the low count of women at different career levels (focus on students and PhD students), and 3) conducting a pilot study to increase the interest of female students in an academic career.

Involved Persons
Gunther Schiefer, Andreas Oberweis, Demian Frister, André Harendt, Petra Nieken


from: 1 Oktober 2021
until: 30 Juni 2023
Funding: BMBF


Institut für Unternehmensführung (IBU)

Research Group

Business Information Systems

Area of Research

Linked Data, Machine Learning, Process Mining

Publications Belonging to the Project
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