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Fuzzy Logic

Publications Belonging to the Area of Research

Sudhir Agarwal, Steffen Lamparter
sMart - A Semantic Matchmaking Portal for Electronic Markets
In Guenter Mueller, Kwei-Jay Lin, Proceedings of the 7th IEEE International Conference on E-Commerce Technology 2005, pages: 405--408, IEEE Computer Society, Munich, Germany, Juli, 2005

Sudhir Agarwal, Pascal Hitzler
Modeling Fuzzy Rules with Description Logics
In Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Ian Horrocks, Bijan Parsia, Peter Patel-Schneider, Proceedings of Workshop on OWL Experiences and Directions, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 188, Galway, Ireland, November, 2005

Sudhir Agarwal, Steffen Lamparter
User Preference based Automated Selection of Web Service Compositions
In Kunal Verma; Amit Sheth; Michal Zaremba; Christoph Bussler, ICSOC Workshop on Dynamic Web Processes, pages: 1-12, IBM, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Dezember, 2005

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Karen Tso, Sebastian Blohm, Andriy Nikolov
Report on requirements for knowledge fusion, Deliverable D 3.1
X-Media Consortium, Dezember, 2006

Philipp Cimiano, Duc Thanh Tran, Pascal Hitzler, Markus Krötzsch, A. Lavelli, Bernhard Schuler, Giorgos Stoilos, Karen Tso, Vassilis Tzouvaras
Incorporating Uncertainty into RDF and OWL. X-Media Deliverable D2.1
Institute AIFB, University of Karlsruhe, November, 2006

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