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Dr.-Ing. Fredy Rios

Former Member

Email: fredy rios∂kit edu

Former: Research Associate

Research group: Efficient Algorithms

Dr. Fredy Rios studied Civil Engineering in Information Systems at Universidad Austral de Chile. In 2010 he defended his thesis Methodological Analysis of the Forest Transportation Process and Design and Implementation of a Software Prototype for Transport Resource Assignation in a Forest Enterprise. After being granted a scholarship, in 2012 he began his doctoral studies at AIFB, KIT. In June 2016, he presented his thesis Stigmergy-Based Load Scheduling in a Demand Side Management Context. Since April, 2017, Dr. Rios works as a Research Associate in the Efficient Algorithms workgroup at AIFB.



Research area

KIT Functions and Competence Field

Algorithm, Software and System Engineering