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Pictures of the Kollegiengebäude am Ehrenhof

The research groups of Professor Studer and Professor Tai are located in the faculty building at the Ehrenhof (Kollegiengebäude am Ehrenhof).

The picture below was taken from the Englerstraße. It shows the west side of the building including the entrance at Englerstraße 11, as well as a part of the north side of the building:

Kollegiengebäude am Ehrenhof Westseite.jpg

The main staircase leads to the first floor where among others the Tulla auditorium is situated:

Kollegiengebäude am Ehrenhof Treppe.jpg

The office premises of the Institute AIFB are located in the top floor of the building (second floor). The floor is accessible by four staircases and an elevator. The picture shows the entrance area at the elevator:

Kollegiengebäude am Ehrenhof 2OG Eingang.jpg