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Report on Research Exchange and Collaboration

Published: 2004 Dezember
Type: Knowledge Web Deliverable
Nummer: 2.6.2Der Datenwert „.6.2“ kann einem Attribut des Datentyps Zahl nicht zugeordnet werden sondern bspw. der Datenwert „2“.
Institution: University of Karlsruhe


This deliverable presents T-REX, the program in Knowledge Web (KWeb) to support “Topic-oriented Research EXchange”, and gives an overview of the exchanges performed in 2004. The short-term goal of T-REX is to encourage, support and manage the exchange of researchers across KWeb members. The long-term goal of T-REX is to strengthen the European research area by establishing strong and lasting links across research organizations, e.g. visible by shared publications of KWeb members.

Download: Media:2004_993_Sure_Report_on_Resea_1.pdf
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