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D5.3.2 Revision and Extension of the NeOn Development Process and Ontology Life Cycle

Published: 2008 November
Type: NeOn Project Deliverable
Nummer: D5.3.2
Institution: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


This deliverable presents the revision and extension of the ontology network development process, the ontology network life cycle models and the ontology network life cycle included in deliverable D5.3.1. The main contributions included in this document are (1) the improved version of the NeOn Glossary, (2) the updated of the collection of ontology network life cycle models, (3) the enhancement of the guidelines for scheduling ontology network projects and (4) the proposal of a NeOn plug-in, called gOntt, for helping people to schedule ontology projects.

Download: Media:2008_1980_Suárez-Figueroa_D5.3.2 Revision_1.pdf




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