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Report on Workshop and Conference Organization

Published: 2006 Januar
Type: Knowledge Web Deliverable
Nummer: 2.6.6Der Datenwert „.6.6“ kann einem Attribut des Datentyps Zahl nicht zugeordnet werden sondern bspw. der Datenwert „2“.
Institution: University of Karlsruhe


This deliverable is part of the “WP 2.6 Weaving the European Semantic Web Research Network”. This deliverable provides an overview about the workshops and conferences organized in 2005 under the umbrella of Knowledge Web by its partners.

Support of events is organized along the well-defined set of criteria which enable different levels of support as introduced earlier in Knowledge Web Deliverable 2.6.3 which also covers an overview of events organized in 2004.

Download: Media:2006_1133_Sure_Report_on_Works_1.pdf
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