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  • Clemens Schreiber

  • Research Associate
  • Phone: +49 721 608-44576
  • Email: Clemens Schreiber∂kit edu
  • Room: 1A-04 (Building: 05.20)
  • Office Hour: Thu, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm.

Forschung und Innovation

The focus of my research is on data-driven process discovery and analysis. This implies methods from the area of process mining and machine learning. A further important part of my research is focused on the sustainability aspects in process management.

  • SS 2021: Übungsleitung Process Mining
  • WS 2020/21: Übungsleitung Datenbanksysteme und XML
  • WS 2020/21: Übungsleitung Programmierung kommerzieller Systeme (EBSS)
  • SS 2020: Übungsleitung Process Mining
  • SS2020: Seminar: Next Generation Process Modelling in the Digital Transformation Age
  • SS 2020: Übungsleitung Process Mining
  • WS 2019/20: Übungsleitung Programmierung kommerzieller Systeme (EBSS)
  • SS 2019: Übungsleitung Process Mining



Research area
Business Process Management

KIT Functions and Competence Field

Algorithm, Software and System Engineering
Interaction of Science and Technology with Society
Cognition and Information Engineering