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|Projekt=AIFB SEAL, (KA)2, Candle, OntoWeb,  
|Projekt=AIFB SEAL, (KA)2, Candle, OntoWeb,  
|Forschungsgruppe=Web Science und Wissensmanagement,  
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SEAL - Tying Up Information Integration and Web Site Management by Ontologies

SEAL - Tying Up Information Integration and Web Site Management by Ontologies

Veröffentlicht: 2002

Journal: IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin
Nummer: 1
Seiten: 10-17

Volume: 25

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Community web sites exhibit two dominating properties: They often need to integrate many different in-formation sources and they require an adequate web site management system. SEAL (SEmantic portAL) is a conceptual model that exploits ontologies for fulfilling the requirements set forth by these two prop-erties at once. The ontology provides a high level of sophistication for web information integration as well as for web site management. We describe the SEAL conceptual architecture as well as its current implementation in KAON.

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AIFB SEAL(KA)2CandleOntoWeb


Web Science und Wissensmanagement


Semantic Web Infrastructure, Business Intelligence, Informationssysteme, Wissensportale, Business Engineering, Beschreibende Komplexitätstheorie, Semantic Web, Betriebliche Informationssysteme, Ontologiebasierte Wissensmanagementsysteme, WWW Systeme