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Business Process Model Patterns: State-of-the-Art, Research Classification and Taxonomy

Business Process Model Patterns: State-of-the-Art, Research Classification and Taxonomy

Veröffentlicht: 2018

Journal: Business Process Management Journal

Verlag: Emerald Insight

Bemerkung: (to appear)

Nicht-referierte Veröffentlichung


Patterns have been proven to be useful for documenting general reusable solutions to a commonly occurring problem. In Business Process Management (BPM), the work of the Workflow Pattern Initiative has led to an increasing interest in business process model patterns. In recent years, several different BPM-related patterns have been published. Despite the large number of publications on this subject, there is no work that provides an overview and categorization of the published business process model patterns. In this paper, criteria for a research classification of BPM pattern descriptions and a taxonomy of BPM patterns are presented. The research classification and taxonomy are supported by methodological considerations and an extensive literature review. Our findings extend the current understanding of BPM patterns and are useful for people who want to searching for relevant patterns for their field of interest, who want to publish BPM related patterns and who want to identify topics with ongoing and underrepresented research. To support the wider dissemination and development of BPM related patterns, an accompanying website has been set up.


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