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Certification Systems for Professionalism in Information Technology

Certification Systems for Professionalism in Information Technology

Veröffentlicht: 2007 Juni

Journal: UPGRADE - The European Journal for the Informatics Professional
Nummer: 3
Seiten: 2-4
Verlag: The Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS)
Volume: Vol. VII

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Certification of persons in information technology and telecommonications has been firmly established in today's education and training landscape. Certifications offer alternative ways to approach the area of IT professionalism. Today, many institutions are offering manifold certification programs ranging from entry to advanced or even to specialist level. Certifications offer an alternative occupational designation in form of a "right-to-title" confirming an individual's qualifications in a specified technology field or occupational role. The majority of certification systems promise to offer hands-on qualifications that credential the workplace-oriented mastery of specific IT solutions or products and/or technology required for a job role.

ISSN: 1684-5285
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